Gary is a native of California and I (Jamie) grew up in Grand Rapids, MI.  We are both artists, Gary is a landscape painter and I create vintage inspired jewelry.   I love to cook and bake, play with different recipes, spoil my chickens (my girls) and love to garden!

We left California and the corporate world behind, moved to Michigan to enjoy the beauty of it’s landscapes, it’s people and to support the local food and wine movement that has started to blossom here.  We are enjoying our fun, relaxed quality of life.

Our mission for the Applesauce Inn Bed and Breakfast is to provide warm and inviting rooms,  a relaxed and wonderful experience.  We all look forward to the possibility of meeting you, making you a friend and seeing you again & again!

Gary Juliano and Jamie Creason, Innkeepers
Sissy Kitty, Assistant Innkeeper/Dishwasher and Buster Assistant Innkeeper/floor cleaner

We do have resident pets, 1 cat, and our dog Buster.  The animals are not allowed in the guest areas, and for the most part you will never know they are here.  Buster does like to come out and say hello if invited after breakfast, he loves to meet the guests.   We also have our own rooster Beauford and his 20+ beautiful hens (girls).  They are  allowed out of their run in the afternoon to do a little foraging, so you may see them out and about.

Bella (Buff Orpington)
Buster-official Greeter
Buster-official Greeter
Sissy Kittie


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