Spring is just around the corner

Spring is just around the corner


Garden Planning in full swing

  The rush of the holidays are over, and the quiet calm that is winter has taken over.  One of my favorite times of year.  Our mailbox (when it isn’t knocked down by the snowplow) is full of lovely flowering catalogs, featuring native and organic seeds.  To help me with my planning, I always keep a small journal that documents every growing season, what plants did well, what plants to move, what plants to look for in the coming new season, and most importantly, when did my bluebirds, orioles, hummingbirds and rose breasted grosbeaks arrive.

  Because the B&B summer and fall breakfast menus feature produce from my own garden, Gary and I are planning to double the size of the veggie garden.  This will be no small feat.  Fence posts will need to be moved, and several of my raised beds will need to be emptied and moved as well.  Our raspberries, which have taken over a corner of the garden, need more space as well….we had raspberries up until Thanksgiving last year!

                     Other garden improvements will include, expanding both the Secret Garden by the Sonora Room and the Butterfly garden out past the parking area.
We look forward to showing you all the exciting changes!  See you soon!


Butterfly Garden